Best Editing Apps For Instagram

Best Photo And Video Editing Apps For Instagram

Best Editing Apps For Instagram

People all around the world are busy creating reels and photos for Instagram, but they don’t know which app is best for editing for Instagram. The answer is VSCO. It is the best editing app for Instagram that you can find on the internet. This app is the best because it is so easy to use. Even a beginner can use it and create like a professional. In this article, I am going to tell you about some other apps that can be used for this purpose. Get ready to learn about the best editing apps for Instagram, be the best Instagram editor on the planet, and get millions of followers.


VSCO comes to the top of the list when we think about the best editing apps for Instagram. With VSCO, you can do any kind of editing you are thinking of. It has a huge collection of filters, templates, and features. You can also use the VSCO library to get free images for editing, which are totally free to use and are chosen by professionals. Although it is the best choice due to its simplest and most decent interface,. You don’t need any kind of skill to use VSCO.

It has all the filters and transitions needed to create a perfect reel. In VSCO, creating montages is simple and fast. You can create montages with high quality and amazing transitions and effects in just a few minutes. The biggest feature of VSCO that other apps don’t have is that you can connect your Instagram profile with VSCO to share your creations with your followers.

Using the Film X feature, you can create films similar to those of professional film editors. Basic adjustments can also be done using VSCO. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and many more adjustments. No one likes to share blurry photos and videos with his or her followers, but don’t worry, VSCO also comes with quality enhancement features using which you can increase the quality of your reels. Get high-resolution, crystal-clear quality in seconds. Editing is always incomplete without slow motion. With VSCO, you can get smooth, slow motion in seconds.

VSCO was created by Visual Supply Company in 2012.

Why is VSCO the best?

  • Simple Interface, easy to learn and use.
  • An amazing collection of almost every kind of filters needed for professional editing.
  • Get watermark free photos and videos.
  • The app comes with zero ads.
  • Tons of different templates available to use.
  • Edit like professionals.
  • Edit faster than pro editors.
  • Also has a GIFs making tool called DSCO. Create and share DSCO all around the world using Instagram.
  • High cutting edge technology always gives you the best results.
  • Create beautiful films using Film X.
  • No risk to use because of high privacy.
  • Create VSCO recipes and save your time. Edit with just a single click.
  • Take advice from friends and professionals using private messaging.
  • The most powerful editing tool. All the tools are in one place.
  • Connect your Instagram profile.
  • Free photos to use from VSCO Photo Library.
  • Sharpen tool to improve the quality.
  • Import Videos at 4K high resolution.


  • Basic Plan: Comes with some basic tools and features for simple editing.
  • Plus Plan: For the Plus Plan, you have to pay $29.99 a year.
  • Pro Plan: Get unlimited access to all of the features of the app. You have to pay $59.99 annually to get the Pro plan.

How do I get VSCO X for free?

A lot of the features of the app are not free. You have to pay for them to enjoy the best editing tools and features. Don’t want to spend money on purchasing a membership? You can get all of those features for free. Here is the way:

  • Visit the VSCO Mod APK article by using the link.
  • The next step is to find the download button and click on it.
  • Your download of the APK file will start.
  • Install the app and enjoy!


The app is the most well-known editing app in the world. PicsArt has 1 billion+ downloads, making it one of the most downloaded apps in the world. This ultimate editing tool was created by PicsArt, Inc. The app has also been awarded Play Store Editors Choice as the most downloaded editing app in 2022.

The app has hundreds of features to use and is one of the best editing tools for Instagram posts. It’s the most easy-to-use editing tool for a newbie due to it’s attractive and simple interface. PicsArt has built powerful AI tools, such as an AI background remover. If you are having difficulty using VSCO, then you can go for PicsArt. It also has a community where you can share your works and use presets made by others. You can easily add any kind of image to your photos and do some awesome things with it, such as placing it on others, using overlays, or removing backgrounds and replacing them with a new one. You can turn simple photos into masterpieces, no matter how bad they are.

PicsArt has a huge library of stickers that can be added to your images; you just need to search for one and you will get all the related stickers in seconds. Pick your favourite and enhance it to get the best results.

Key Features Of PicArt

  • Get precise background removal in seconds with PicsArt AI background remover. You can also change the background of the images with PicsArt.
  • Do you post images of your pets? Then PicsArt is the best app. Using PicsArt AI Pets Avatar, you can get almost 100 photos generated by AI by just uploading a photo of your pet.
  • Create engaging Instagram posts and reels.
  • Create beautiful collages with the app. With PicsArt, you can create different kinds of colleges. Just upload the images, and you will get a lot of arrangements of images to choose from.
  • Get access to thousands of stickers. You can even create one if you don’t find the right one.
  • There is a huge community to participate in. Create, share, and grow together.
  • Draw anything with a drawing tool. You can also add shapes if you are having trouble drawing the perfect shape.
  • Add frames, borders, and effects to your images.
  • A large collection of stylish fonts. Write on your images with beautiful fonts and colors. You can also edit the text, such as size, bold, color, underline, etc.
  • PicsArt does not add watermarks to your photos and videos.
  • A perfect user-friendly interface for editors.
  • Don’t have a good mobile or camera to get high-quality background blur. Don’t worry, you can do that with PicsArt.
  • The app also has face-tuning features. You can smooth your face, change skin tone, change eye size or eyebrows, change lip color, change hair color and length, etc.
  • Add music, texts, overlays, and images to your videos.
  • The app comes with one of the most demanded filters.
  • Crop and resize according to Instagram’s recommended size. By following this tip, your images will not be cut down when you upload posts on Instagram.


  • The app has three different subscriptions.
  • Free Plan: Some of the features are not available, and some features can be used for a limited amount of time per day.
  • Plus Plan: For the Plus Plan, you have to pay $5 per month. You get access to almost every feature of the app.
  • Pro Plan: The plan costs $7 per month, giving you full access to the app.


Canva is one of the most popular editing tools and is available for both mobile and computer use. The reason to add Canva to the list is that there are thousands of free templates and projects to use. Thousands of graphic designers have added their work to Canva, which can be used and edited in any way you want. Create and edit with simple drag-and-drop. The app is one of the best for video and photo editing.

You can use different kinds of premium elements, shapes, visuals, and graphics. Canva has a large photo library with thousands of premium, high-quality images. You can use them in your creative work to make it more innovative and professional. If you are not loving the background of your post,. It’s cutting-edge technology will remove the background with just a single click, with sharpness and detail. Now you can replace it with a nicer one from Canva photos. You can also share your projects with others, and you can even allow anyone to edit your project live. Edit with professionals by just sharing a link to your projects.

Everyone likes animations in his or her reels because they give a unique and professional look. You can add premium animations to your videos in seconds. Export your project in any format you like. With Canva, you can share in seconds with your Instagram followers.

Key Features Of Canva

  • Get access to projects that can be edited however you want.
  • Create and share your design with others.
  • Create Instagram posts in seconds.
  • There are thousands of elements to use.
  • Add shapes to create anything.
  • Cutting-edge background remover tool.
  • A huge photo library to use.
  • Export at high quality.
  • A place for professionals as well as beginners.


Individuals And Teams

  • Canva Free: A free membership of Canva with minimum features and tools.
  • Canva Pro: Comes with thousand of resources which are not available in Canva Free(Recommended). It cost $6.49 if billed monthly and $54.99 yearly.
  • Canva For Teams: If you want the membership for more than one person with all the Canva Pro features then Canva For Teams is the choice. Comes at $12.99 if billed monthly and $130 if billed yearly.

Teachers And Schools

  • If you are a primary or secondary school teacher then Canva is 100% free for you. In addition Canva is also free for their students.
  • Schools and Districts: 100% free to use for K-12 students and teachers.


Snapseed is mostly used by professional for editing. It is created by Google LLC. This app is little difficult to use but has a lot of amazing features that can make your posts attractive. The reason of being selected by professionals is the wide range of editing tools present in it. It is the collection of the 29 most important tools needed to create the perfect Instagram post. You can add blur to your images, do masking and color contrast to for fast edit. Another way to create a post in seconds is to use the automatic editing feature of Snapseed. It uses it’s AI to gives the perfect look to your photo and now your post is ready to share.

Snapseed is so lightweight that any mobile can run it without any problems. The size of the app is only 28Mb. It has a 100M+ downloads which is a huge number and having nice rating of 4.3.

Key Features Of Snapseed

  • 29 tools which are enough for any kind of editing.
  • Save any edit for future use.
  • You can edit selective area using selective filter brush.
  • A decent interface with lot of options.
  • Small size, easy to download and run on your mobile.
  • Crop your images freely.
  • Heal your images.
  • Controls the color in your posts.
  • Text always engages the viewer. Don’t forget to use text while creating reels.
  • Want blur, no problem Snapseed can do it.
  • Edit your reels like 80s.
  • A lot of frames are available to use.
  • Using Snapseed cutting edge technology you can change your face pose.
  • Double exposure is one of the best feature of the app. You can now blend images with Snapseed.


Best thing about the app is that it is totally free. That is a present of editor and the reason most of the editors love to use Snapseed.

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom also called as Adobe Lightroom developed by Adobe has become one of the biggest editing software in the world. It was officially released on 19 September 2017. It is officially a part of Adobe Creative Cloud Family. The app is used millions of users and have more than 100M worldwide. This software is a masterpiece for editing. The reason for it’s fourth position in the list is because it is difficult to use for a beginner. The above apps in the list are much better for Instagram editing but this app is for high end professional editing not for fast and creative editing. But if you master the app you create some awesome images with it. It has a lot of features that you can take a lot of time to master.

Key Features Of Adobe Lightroom

  • You can create high quality videos and photos with Lightroom in built camera.
  • Adjust focus, brightness, exposure and many more tools to get the best shot.
  • Capture, edit and export in high quality.
  • Whole collection of professional editing tools in your pocket.
  • The most advance color grading tool. Do color grading like a pro.
  • Remove unneeded objects from your photos by Healing.
  • Adjust HSL, contrast, white balance, exposure, colors, and many more to give your images and videos the perfect look.
  • Download and use presets created by other editors or create your own.  
  • Give a new touch to images using filters. They can make a great change in seconds.
  • Running low on storage, use Adobe Lightroom cloud storage and make your memories save.
  • The app also support device synchronization using Adobe Creative Cloud. It can be connected to your computer in seconds. Access anytime through any device. Don’t even need to share everything if you are switching device.
  • No watermarks are added to your videos and photos when you export them.


  • Starter Plan: You can use many features for free. But some of the powerful features are not free.
  • To get full access to the app with 1TB of cloud storage, you have to pay $9.99 monthly.


You may be wondering that the name of the app sound similar to Instagram. Yes, the app was specially made for Instagram editing. The app has 50M+ download which is less than the apps above but this app has an amazing rating of 4.8.

The app have a lot of filter to give a retouch to your shots. The best thing about the app is that new filter are added to app every month. You can add various elements to enhance the beauty of the images. The best way to express your feeling using Instasize text feature. The app has many features based on AI such as hashtag generator, captions generator and AI Avatar generator .We recommend to spend time learning how to do adjustments because they are an important factor of editing.

Key Features Of Instasize

  • Change the color, your follower would love to see a unique style of post.
  • Use one of the best collection of filter specially for Instagram. More than 130 filters are available.
  • New filters added every month.
  • Both detailed and basic adjustments can be done with the app.
  • Tell a whole story in just a single image by creating college.
  • Add meaning full text, best way to say something.
  • Add beautiful and unique frames and border to get an attractive look.
  • Create, save and share fast, don’t make your fans wait.
  • A nice and appealing interface, easy to use.
  • 20+ beautiful and most demanded fonts that you can use.
  • Quickly crop images for social media share.
  • Generate hashtags and captions for your videos in seconds using AI. This helps your post to get to the right people and to increase your views, like and followers.
  • Who don’t loves to make AI avatars. You can easily generate one for you using Instasize AI Avatar generator.


  • Instasize Premium Membership: $4.99
  • Monthly Instasize Membership: $12.99
  • Monthly Instasize Premium: $9.99
  • Instasize Premium + AI: $11.99.
  • Instasize Premium: $29.99
  • Premium: $55.99
  • Instasize Premium Subscription: $7.99


Facetune is created by Lightricks in April 21, 2018. If you are a selfie lover who loves to take and share selfies on Instagram then Facetune is the best choice for you. The also represents the app, the main purpose of the app is to give a retouch to your face. You will look always good in your images if you use Facetune. The app has a lot of AI due to which you can edit your portrait and selfies in seconds. The app has many face retouch features, teeth whitening tool and a lot of filters and lightning effect to get a nice focus on the person and make the image brighter.

Key Features Of Facetune

  • Apply makeup with the app!
  • Change your eye color to any color you want.
  • Facetune allows you to change your hair color or highlight you hairs.
  • You can even change your clothes from the Facetune Advance Ai. Upload an images and select a the cloth you want. It will apply perfectly and look like you are wearing it in life.
  • Create amazing selfies with Ai. Get a perfect look in your selfies!
  • Edit your photos with Ai. Always gives a natural look to your images.
  • Retouch you lips, eyebrows, hair etc.
  • Get a perfect face shape by using Facetune Face tune feature.
  • Want whiter teeth, Facetune will do it for you.
  • Everyone likes a smooth face. Use Airbrush to make your face smoother. You can also change your the skin tone, with some clicks you can a perfect skin tone in seconds.
  • Easy to add background blur and change backgrounds.
  • Remove unwanted distractions from your selfies.
  • Upgrade the looks of you photos using Ai.

Best Video Editing Apps For Instagram Reels

Want to know about the best editing apps for Instagram reels? We are also going to tell you about the best video editing apps for Instagram reels. If you want to edit both videos and photos for Instagram, then the apps explained above in the article are recommended.


Videoshow is all in one video editing suit where you can create attractive and eye-catching reels in seconds. You can also say it the most powerful video editing app for mobile. Videoshow is created by VideoShow PTE. LTD and officially released on Aug 31, 2013. The app has crossed 100M download in these years. It is the best choice for professional as well as begginers.

Key Features Of Videoshow

  • Export videos in 4K HD resolution with no quality loss. Say by to those low quality videos.
  • It’s user friendly interface makes it more easier to learn and use.
  • You can extract audio from videos and add your own sound from your device. Always check that the sound is available for commercial use or not otherwise you can get copyright claim strike and your Instagram account can get banned.
  • Editing first time or don’t know how to do video editing? You can use Videoshow templates and create a trendy reel in seconds.
  • You can add more than one videos or merge them with double exposure.
  • With Videoshow you can add effects, elements, animations, overlays, filters etc.
  • Are you afraid of getting banned by Instagram due to copyright sounds. Videoshow can solve the problem, you can use Videoshow fully licensed sound in your videos for free.
  • The app also comes with in built voice changer.
  • You can add subtitles and text to your reels. Subtitles are so popular these days that your videos will have more engagement if you add subtitles to them.
  • You can adjust the speed of your video or even small parts of it. Get a nice combination of smooth and slow motion; you will love the results.
  • Is your mobile full of videos and now you are running low on storage? Don’t worry you can compress the videos with Videoshow. Now you don’t have to buy any kind of cloud storage or delete your precious memories.


  • VIP Monthly: $7.99; VIP Yearly: $35.99.
  • Annual VIP Privilege: $35.99.
  • Annual VIP Privilege: $21.99.
  • VIP Status for One Month: $4.99.
  • Permanent VIP access: $39.99.
  • Music Access: $1.99.
  • Remove the watermark: $0.99.
  • Remove Watermark Forever: $3.99.


Inshot’s name comes in one of the most famous video editing tool for mobile. It is created by Inshot Video Editor and has 500M+ Downloads these days. The app never disappoints the user by it’s experience and powerful tools, that’s why it has 4.8 start rating. Inshot also has Play Store Editors Choice Award which is only given to the top apps on Play Store who are giving the user the perfect experience. VSCO helps a user to create high quality videos with minimal effort. It is the best app to use your editing experience and create awesome reels for your Instagram followers. The app has thousands of animations and effects by which reels can be created in seconds. Be ready to create Instagram reels and get millions of followers with Inshot.

Key Features Of Inshot

  • Edit videos like a pro which minimal skills and effort required.
  • Create vintage, cinematic etc videos.
  • Use layers to do professional editing. But with Inshot it is much easier to use layers.
  • Easy to use interface, even a newbie can use it without any hurdles.
  • Create beautiful reels with animations.
  • If you are a beginner and don’t know how to add transitions then you can use auto transition feature. Inshot will add transitions for you.
  • You should explore Inshot Library each time you are editing. You can find useful backgrounds for your videos.
  • Trim and add videos anywhere you want.
  • You can crop, rotate, flip your videos.
  • An amazing feature of Inshot is that you can reverse the video. It may take some time but it will be worth it.


  • Free Plan: You do simple editing with the free plan, but if you need to do more advanced and professional video editing, then you should upgrade.
  • Inshot Pro: After buying Inshot Pro, you will get full access to the features of the app.
  • Monthly: $3.99
  • Yearly: $17.99
  • Lifetime :  $39.99


We tried our best to guide you through the best editing apps for Instagram. Now it’s your time to choose the best one for you and to grow on Instagram. All of this data is based on our research about the best editing apps for Instagram. If you have any kind of query, feel free to comment below. We will try our best to guide you.

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