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Old Roll Disposable Camera

Want to make your photography next level? Then you are in the right place. You can use several filters and use different kinds of cameras to make your photos look attractive, unique and give them a vintage look. Old Roll Pro APK is a highly optimized app that adjusts your photos to the condition e.g. low light. Old Roll Mod APK Premium Unlocked allows you to use all the features of the pro version for which you have to pay. Use all the paid cameras and filters free by our Old Roll mod APK premium unlocked. Get your professional camera app now. Download now with just a single click!! Want To download old roll mod apk ios?

Finding an app with a large number of themes, filters, templates, and Cameras for free to make your photography skills touch the sky and give your image a professional look. We have the right thing for you. Old Roll Premium APK – A perfect choice for photography lovers.

Old Roll Disposable Camera Preview

Editing Options

Old Roll disposable camera can also be used as a photo and video editing tool. Just choose your photo or video from your gallery and start editing.

You can make your editing more fantastic by using themes, filters, and templates. You can access retro and old-film lenses and many more. This is a masterpiece for your work. After editing you can share them on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and wherever you want to.

Friendly UI

1. Allows you to favorite certain cameras you like the most and organize them the ways you want which makes it easy to find the correct camera at the right time.

2. Old Roll unlocked apk has different UI for different kinds of cameras which are also functional e.g. the rotating dial for adjusting the EV and gives a feeling of using it in real life.

3. Experience the feeling of using an analog camera in real life with an advanced UI system.

Old Roll Premium Unlocked Portrait-Camera-INSP


Using Grid is the best way to make your photos alignment straight. Grid divides the screen in equal portions which can be used to capture with a better angle.

Classic Cameras

Old Roll Premium provides a huge collection of valuable and most demanded camera models from all generations. Some of them are Leica S, Nikon F, Rollei and Olympus OM which also work as they were designed to do in real life.

Social Sharing

Just make your video and photos by using old roll cameras and edit using old roll-free filters and your work is done. Just upload!! Connect with the world with just some clicks. That’s why you should get the old roll mod apk now and share your friends the magic of old roll-disposable camera.


You are alone and want to take photos? No problem Old Roll timer feature can solve your problem. Old roll allows you to set timer to capture photos when you are alone. No need to wait your followers, Just click awesome photos and share to your fans and following!

High Resolutions Photos


Old Roll autosave function saves your photos and videos after capturing so that they would not be wasted and can be edited later. Its your choice to save manually or you are old roll to do it for you. Old Roll premium unlocked ensures that your memories are safe and never lost.

No Ads

Most of the apps are really disturbing and keep showing ads and pop ups but Old Roll is not one of them. Old Roll provides you ad free experience. Just focus on capturing your life.

Unlimited Capture

You are not bound to take limited photos. Take as much photos you want using all of the cameras you want. Fill your mobile with your life memories and save them for ever.

Unlimited Storage

No need of buying any kind of cloud storage. Old Roll gives you free unlimited storage. You can find all of your captured photos and videos there. Simply edit and share them to social media platforms directly.

Trusted By People

Old Roll is the most famous disposable camera app and trusted by over 10 Million people all around the world. It has a rating of 4.5 which is excellent In eyes of google play store and is enough to trust a app.


Most of the disposable camera in old roll provides you flash option that can help you in low light situations. So no need to worry about lighting conditions. Just be ready to click awesome vintage images.

Zoom In And Zoom Out

Sometimes the object is too far away then we can use zoom in and out feature to get a closer look and get a better click. We can zoom in by pinching two fingers outwards and zoom out by pinching two fingers inwards.

Multi Layouts

Find a perfect layout or size for your photos by using old roll editing feature. Some of them are 3:4, 1:1, 9:16, 2:3, 4:3 and 16:9.

Easy To Download

To download your photos just click on photos if you want to download more than one at a time select the photos and simply click on download button and done. Your photos are in your gallery now!

Recently Delted

Sometime you accidentally delete some of your photos you need. Don’t worry you can restore them from recently deleted feature in old roll camera mod apk. You can also permanently delete photos and videos from recently deleted option.

Silent Shooting

If you hate the noise while capturing the photos you can simply off this feature from settings and enjoy noise free capturing.

Experience The Classic World

You can experience the old classic days, use classic cameras using old roll, and enjoys those days. Old Roll mod APK premium unlocked allows you to make classic world images for Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok. With old roll, you can create films and shows like old days very easily and with just some clicks. 

Capture Delay

You can reduce the capturing delay if you don’t like wait for the shutter or you don’t like the shutter feature like old camera.

Paint Brushes

Use paint brushes to express your emotions and feeling using photos. Make you photos alive!!

Mod Features

All cameras unlocked.

Have access to all paid filters.

Get rid of advertisements.

Premium membership for free!!

How To Download Old Roll APK

Find the download button of the old roll mod apk.

Click On the Old Roll mod apk Download button and download the latest version.

After downloading open file manager and or any other manager on your device.

Open the old roll apk from where you have downloaded.

 Go to settings and enable allow installation from unknown sources.

Install the application file from download manager.

Now your Disposable Camera-Old Roll mod APK is ready to use!!


Work Like Professionals: No need to learn professional photography and editing. Old Roll Pro can create and edit your photos and videos like professionals in a few minutes.

Free To Use: Old Roll mod APK is an unlocked version of the old version which allows you free access to a paid membership. You can use a large collection of filters and cameras at no cost.

Frequently Updates: The app is updated after some time and the errors are removed so that you can enjoy it without any bugs. Never forget to get your Old Roll up to date.

Safe And Secure: Your privacy is important to us. Your data is safe and secure. It will not be shared with anyone else and will be always protected so that you can use old roll amazing features without any security and privacy risk.

No Watermark: Old roll premium can be used without any kind of watermark. No need of promoting old roll or having an awkward feeling of having a watermark in your photos and videos thanks to oldrollmodapk.net

One Click Download: No don’t have to wait for your old roll mod APK unlocked just download with single click.

No Login Required: Tired of making account in apps and games? No need to worry, Old roll does not require any king of login or sign up. Just download and start clicking your photos.


Cloud Storage: Old Roll Camera does not provide you clod storage where you can store your videos and photos but they are safe until you have them in your storage.

Requirements: You need at least Android 5.0 to run this app otherwise it can heat your mobile or sometimes it can be lagging. So make sure you are having the system requirements required to run it perfectly.

Not Recommended By Play Store: Download apps and games from external sites is not considered safe in eyes of google play store and also is not recommended by google play protect. Play Store recommends to download from play store and and do in app purchases and buy paid memberships to get access to premium features.

Manual Update: Your app will not update by itself. We will always provide the latest version, so don’t worry just visit our site and download latest version with just single click.

Can Be Risky: Downloading apps and games from third-party sites can be risky. Always choose a trusted third-party site to download mod version of apps and games.

FAQS(Frequently Asked Questions)

Some features are paid for. You can get old roll premium free from oldrollmodapk.net

Old Roll is considered one of the best disposable camera app because of its large collection of cameras and features which takes you to the classic world.

Now days Old roll version is the latest version.

All the cameras of old roll are useful but some of them are great and special like Classic M, INS P, TOY K, TOY F, 120 V, and 503 CV.

Yes, you can use old roll offline without any kind of restrictions and you can use all features and cameras just like before.


Old Roll mod APK premium unlocked 4.8.2 can give your photos a retouch and make them mind-blowing and fabulous. Our old roll android provides you with all the features you need for your films, photography, videos, and much more. Now what are you waiting for? Get your old roll unlocked all camera apk from oldrollmodapk.net now and once again make the classic world alive with your skills and our mods. Lets go to 80s and 90s together with Old Roll mod APK premium unlocked all cameras! Don’t forget to keep your old roll mod apk up to date. The download button is waiting for you!! Finding for windows, Old Roll Mod APK for PC.

I hope you got all the information you need and we tried our best to guide you to the classic disposable cameras.

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