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Video Cameras play an important role in storing your memories . We can remember our memorable better with videos than images. You should know that which camera is best for which condition and place. I will thus examine old roll camera video recorders for this reason. Old Roll is not only known for its retro or vintage cameras. It is also known for its high-quality and advanced UI video cameras. People use these cameras for filming their vlogs, films, and much more. That’s why it is the best video recorder for mobile.

Old Roll provides the most fascinating Disposable video cameras all around the world at a single place. Old Roll camera collection have all kind of cameras having amazing features like ISO, Shutter, EV, WB and AV. The collection includes 88B, Super 8, Bubble, DCR, X3, CCD, and Rapid 8. All of the video recorders have their own features, interface like it was in real life back in 80s and 90s. To use these recorders, you have to buy premium membership. You can download Old Roll Premium Unlocked-Best Video Recorder For Mobile from our site and get all cameras free.

Super 8

Old Roll video recorders collection have cameras for all kind of uses, Like the super 8 camera which is the best choice for vloggers. If you are a vlogger, than hurry up and download the app because Super 8 is going to give your vlogs a new look that you never had before.

  • The camera can be used using both front and back camera.
  • You can also use zoom and flash option during recording.


DCR is a Digital Camera Recorder which can record videos as well as capture photos with aspect ratio of 5:4 and 16:9. You can also shoot 1s with this camera! This camera have the capability to give your photos and videos a cinematic look and also cinematic border with crystal clear quality. Cinematic look has a great trend these days, So DCR can be a good option for creating Vlogs and videos. Also has some built in editing options.



CCD is considered one of the best camera in Old Roll collection used by pros. When you select it, the camera it set to photo mode, so you have to switch to video mode. This camera is a collection of multiple modes. These include portrait, landscape, auto and macro. You can use features like color saturation, IOS, exposure and many more settings to enhance the visual look for your videos.


Rapid 8

Rapid 8 is a 35mm camera having capability to take both videos and photos. It 8 can record at 4K Ultra HD quality with vivid colors. In order to capture your voice for vlogs, the camera also features a microphone. All the settings can be adjusted by using the touch screen. Also comes with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, share anywhere anytime. The camera has 3 speed modes by using which you can capture 8 pictures in 2s, 3s, or 4s duration.



Bubble Camera looks like a child toy due to its cute look but its having great features and capabilities. People also call it Penguin Camera. It has an attractive look and small size.  Its most fascinating feature is the bubble button. When you press it, bubbles appear on the screen. The camera will perform best when you are using it outdoor. Record amazing videos with warm tone and bubbles.

  • Bubble allows you to record at 4K Ultra-High Resolution with cinematic effect.
  • It also have great zoom, you can zoom with high quality and sharpness.
  • No worry if you are in low-light condition, the camera performs great in low-light conditions.
  • You can also create vlogs with bubble camera because it has in-built microphone
  • You have the option to share and connect to the world utilizing WiFi and Bluetooth.
  • One of the most amazing feature of bubble is global streaming. You can go live anywhere and anytime you want.
  • The camera has a good battery backup, so no need to carry any powerbank with you.


The phrase “88B” most likely refers to the 88B movie recorder from the German firm. 88B is the most powerful camera in the list because it is the only camera in the list that can record at 8K Ultra High Quality. Due to high quality, the sharpness while zoom is also great. The camera will not let you down whether you are recording outdoor or in door.

  • You can share your memories easily by WiFi and Bluetooth.
  • Give a retouch to your videos by some built-in tools.
  • You can easily interact with the camera using the touchscreen.
  • Your memories don’t get lost that’s why 88B has in-built storage.
  • 88B is also considered a great camera for vlogging.


If you’re searching for a small, light camera, the X3 is the finest option. You can also call this camera, the smallest camera in the Old Roll video recorders collection. This camera’s lens has two pieces, one of them has the capability to zoom and one has not. You can adjust the setting using options on the left corner of the camera to make your photos more appealing. X3 allows you to capture your memories with high quality 4K resolution even when you are zooming, The quality remains outstanding. What if you I say that you have a microphone in X3? Yes its true, X3 come with a microphone which can record crystal-clear audio.

  • This small monster has a touch screen, which makes using it much easier.
  • This camera has a long lasting battery so that you are always ready to capture with your X3.


Old Roll is the best video recorder for mobile. It is a treasure box full of treasure, the video recorders. I think Rapid 8, G7X and DCR are the best among them. I hope that now you know that how much Old Roll is capable for video recording. Download old roll now if you are a film maker or a vlogger. Show the world you skills and save your memories with Old Roll APK.

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