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There are a lot of cameras in old movies, but everyone is looking for the best one. Each of the cameras has a specific purpose. Some are for indoor, outdoor, portrait, video, and many more. Today I am going to show you the best old-roll outdoor cameras in the Old Roll camera. Remember that most of the cameras in the app are paid, so don’t forget to download it from our site and get all the paid features for free and for an unlimited period of time.

The list of cameras is the following:

  • Indie
  • CCD
  • F3
  • M616
  • Auto S
  • Toy S
  • Quatre
  • Rapid 8
  • Classic Q
  • Nostal
  • Diana
  • Bubble
  • Nikon F

Introduction To Old Roll

Many people around the world like the old, vintage kind of photography. Old Roll Premium APK is an app that allows users to enjoy the real vintage cameras of the 1980s. This app offers different kinds of cameras with different UIs and features like those in real life. By using the camera app, you can get the feeling of the old times. I also love this a lot; you should try it. The app has 10 million+ downloads and is loved by people a lot. I have also reviewed all other kinds of cameras on the app; you should also try them. You would love them and also know which one camera is for what use, and you can use the old roll disposable camera app on it’s peak incompatibilities. If you love to record videos, go check out the best video recorder in old roll.

Old Roll APK images


If you are a person who likes colorful thing them Indie camera is the best one for you. This camera is a multi color camera mostly liked by girls and kids. However this is a universal camera, it can be used for creating Instagram posts. I ensure that you will get handsome likes. This camera is not mostly used by photographers because it cannot be used for all kind photography. You should try to take sunset photo, it would not let you down.


This camera is full o technology. It’s high technology gives the camera the power to transform the incoming light into electrical signals and capture a nice crispy photo. This not ends here, you have also have most of the features of modern cameras. You can zoom in out, or use front and back camera and use flash light. It may not look extra ordinary to you but it was a lot for a camera of that time. You can also adjust the settings according to your needs for example the exposure, ISO, saturation can be changed.


A 35mm camera, Nikon F3 was a popular film camera in the 1980s. There a EV option the right and a brightness option on the left. This is a camera which can make you go wow if you use it in open air. So don’t forget to try it in good sunlight or in cloudy atmosphere. You would love it.


M616 was also a 35mm retro style camera. This is a outdoor camera and mostly perform it’s best in outdoor. You can do some simple settings like EV. There is also a torch option.

Auto S

This can become you favourite from the list. This camera is one of the best camera which can be used for all purposes. You can achieve amazing results wheteher you are in indoor, outdoor , or doing portrait photography. Remember you must scroll first to use the camera.

Toy S

A fun kind of camera similar to bubble camera. The camera has high brighness and low exposure which is fun sometimes. You may enjoy enjoying the camera. Take this camera with you on adventures and picnics, it is perfect for these kind of events.


Quatre, A camera made by Nishika in 1990s. The camera can take 4 photos In a row which you can use to make colleges. The camera can create that for you, so no tension of editing.

Rapid 8

Rapid 8 name was given to the camera because of it’s ability to take 8 images in a row which can be changed, may be 2 or 3 seconds. The time of taking the photos can be adjusted manually. The final result is in form of a college.

Classic Q

This camera gives you a vibe of past as well as provide high quality compared to modern age cameras. Famous because of it’s high end cutting edge technology and vintage style. Capture the world and your life with classic Q. Don’t underestimate it’s power and quality. You will regret once you try. We advice you to try the camera using low EV. Be the king of outdoor photography.


This is not so much advanced camera. Comes with some of the basic features. The was created specially for autumn.


This camera is familiar to a kids toy. When you click the photo bubbles comes on the screen. This camera looks like a toy as well as works like a toy which looks fun. This is the one of the most entertaining camera of the app. One of my favourite which I use for fun.

Nikon F

The Nikon F, one of the greatest old-roll cameras, was released in the 1950s. It was the first SLR camera made by Nikon. This camera was the king of it’s time and the most advanced at that time. This camera combined most of the modern features of a single camera. It was a great achievement for Nikon. The camera became famous really fast and became the first priority of every photographer for professional photography. Even this came into use at NASA, where it was used by astronauts. It was the game-changing camera that totally changed the trend in the photographic market. It’s great to have this amazing camera in the Old Roll collection so that we can also see what the camera was capable of.


After reading the article, I think you are ready to choose the best outdoor camera for you. There is no doubt that the old roll camera has a great collection of outdoor cameras. To get the best results, you should have a good device, so check out our article on the best mobiles for old roll now!

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