Review Old Roll Retro Cameras Collection In Depth

Retro cameras had been one of the evolutionary cameras in photography history. They came out back in 1980s and became famous in no time. They are cameras of the classic world which was the beginning of the photography trend. Now a days these cameras are no longer in use by people but are still remembered by them. Many features of retro cameras are used now a days. So, today you will get the full Review Old Roll Retro Cameras Collection In Depth.

Old Roll Camera Collection

Old Roll gathered the most famous and amazing retro cameras from 1980s in a single camera app which can be carried anywhere and can be used anytime you want. You can experience the old retro cameras which are mostly not available now in real life. Old Roll provides the same feeling of cameras as in real life such as the shutter and interface and many more features are available. Want to download Old Roll Mod APK.

The app has seven retro cameras:



Classic Q


Classic M


120 V


Xpan was a revolutionary camera for landscape and dramatic cityscape, it was loved by street photographers and was a huge success. It was created by Hasselblad back in 1980s and 1990s. It became famous because of its high quality, strong mechanics and a lot of new features for people of that time. The camera consisted of 2 lens, one rectangle lens and one square lens for use. Frame was not necessary for capturing images.

Review Old Roll Retro Cameras-Xpan

Features Of Xpan

Electronic View-Finder: Xpan provided built in real time composition and exposure data. People can access Shutter speed, aperture and exposure correction.

Exposure Settings: One of the most important feature for photographers was exposure. Xpan consisted of many exposure settings like shutter-priority, manual and aperture-priority. Fans loved the feature and tried to get Xpan in their cameras collection.

A Collaboration with FujiFilm: Xpan was formed by two mastermind and wide thinking companies in cameras development, Hasselblad and FujiFilm.

Light weight and Handy: It was a great change for fans to experience high quality photography without carrying a large bulky camera system.

Adjustable Lens System: Xpan has a adjustable lenses which can be used in different situations. You can choose different focal length for better photography.

Limited Product: Xpan became rare because of high demand but less production.


XF10 was a developed by FujiFilm. The camera was famous for its high resolution, even it can capture at 4K 15 frames per second. That’s why it was a great option for street photographers, it made photos better by adding blueish tint. You can easily use it due to it’s simple interface, modify  was done by selecting options. It was also a success like Xpan.

Review Old Roll Retro Cameras-XF10

Features Of XF10

Connectivity: The camera has an in built WiFi and Bluetooth, You can wireless share you photos and images to your devices.

User-Friendly Interface: User can easily control the camera features as their requirements due to simple interface.

Easy to Carry: XF10 is a small light weight camera designed for street photographers so that they can carry it everywhere with them and not miss any chance of taking amazing photos.

Touchscreen:  It consist of a 3 inch touch screen which can be used to operate camera using touch.

Fixed Lens: FujiFilm XF10 has a fixed 18.5 mm f/2.8 wide camera lens. This lens were one of the best for landscape, street, cityscape photography.

Classic Q

Classic Q was developed by Leica Camera AG, a German company founded in 1969. Leica Classic Q has a 24MP sensor and a 28mm f/1.7 lens. It also consisted of a touchscreen which made it simpler to use.

Review Old Roll Retro Cameras-Classic-Q

Features Of Classic Q

HD Video Recording: Classic Q provided 1080p HD video recording quality at 30 and 60 frames per second.

Light Weight: Having a high quality camera with HD video recording weighting only 640 gram is a game changer of photographers at that time.

Connectivity: Classic Q also provides wireless connection, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection is available.


Canon WP-1, Best camera for a person who don’t have high photography skills. WP1 has macro, portrait, landscape mode and may more.

Review Old Roll Retro Cameras-WP1

Classic M

Classic M, one of the most famous cameras made by Leica. Leica Classic M provides beautiful camera colors and high quality resolution. It is one of the famous cameras in Old Roll vintage cameras collection.

Review Old Roll Retro Cameras-Classic-M

Features Of Classic M

Handy and Lightweight: This high resolution cameras weights just 680g, carry anywhere you want in your bag.

Amazing Body Quality: Leica has provided a great look with dust proof and shockproof body!!

Image Sensor: After capturing photos, images are highly optimized by CMOS image sensor, A 35mm full-frame chip.

Full HD Resolution: You can choose  between full HD, 720p or VGA  at 25 frames per second.


88B, A vintage camera created after Germans 88B movie. Old Roll has used a blue interface for the camera with many features like bank and front camera, EV, Flash and many more to use.


120 V

120  V is a widely used camera by photographers due to its compact size and lightweight. You can use this camera to capture with a higher quality than 35mm camera. It comes with a functional LCD display. I love the camera because it has 32-120mm zoom lens, also comes with a flash. A great option for photographing beginners.


Features Of 120 V

Automatic Flash: 120 V comes with a in-built automatic flash feature.

Auto Focus: No need to manually focus on object, 120 V do it for you.

Date Print: Date print feature is used to print the date on which you captured the photo.


I think, you know which camera of Old Roll is best for you at what time. Overall Old Roll has choose the best retro cameras from the classic world time. I believe that now you got for what you came to site. I tried my best to deliver everything I got and to Review Old Roll Retro Cameras Collection In Depth.

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